Q: I'm confused about the pricing model.  How does that work?

A: When it is time to pay for your visit, I will ask you how much you would like to pay.  As long as you can pay within the guideline range for the service you received, no prior arrangements need to be made.  The treatment will be the same regardless of how much you pay.


Massage can be very expensive, and I am trying to reduce barriers to regular care.  If you are able to pay toward the upper range for your service, it will give me greater flexibility to continue treating those who cannot.  You are not expected or required to pay the same amount for each visit.


Q: What forms of payment are accepted?

A: I currently accept cash, Venmo, and credit cards.


Q: Do you accept health insurance?

A: I am unable to accept health insurance at this time.


Q: What are your COVID-19 policies?

A: Clients may choose whether they would like to wear a mask.  The therapist will have a mask on at all times, and a HEPA air purifier will remain on at all times.  Masks are available to clients who would like one.  Note that I operate independently in a shared suite with other providers who may have different policies.


Q: I identify as male and would like to become a client.  Is that possible?

A: Trans men are welcome at Mend, but cisgender men are outside of my scope of practice at this time.  Please respect that boundary, and seek services elsewhere.  If you are seeking a trauma-informed massage therapist, you are welcome to reach out for a recommendation.